Revision Generator

Revision generator is an open source and free to use tool inspired by the research evidence in cognitive science and educational psychology. It automatically generates personalized revision timetables for effective revision of hard-to-remember topics in mathematics, using MathsWatch clips.

Revision Generator can be customised for use in subjects other than mathematics. To modify the list of Topics and Tasks use Edit and Delete buttons and save newly generated topics and tasks into your file. The saved file can be re-opened on demand to generate revision timetables in your respective subjects.

Specify a target revision topic (which could be something your student struggles with), a number of topics to be revised per day and a total number of days of revision. Press "Generate Revision Timetable" and simply copy-paste the output into your file. The algorithm ensures that the target topic keeps cropping up interleaved and spaced-out for as many days as specified; this ensures regular revision of hard topics and facilitates their transfer into the long-term memory.

Topics and Tasks

Revision Schedule